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. if you're coming up from southern maryland tomorrow, i would allow a little extra time to start. partly cloudy in the morning. very warm by lunch time. 70s and 80s. winds light. air quality code yellow. that's moderate. about as good as we can hope for this time of the year. by afternoon partly cloudy. high temperatures 90-95 all with light wind. highs tomorrow 92 in gaithersburg but 95 in springfield. 93 in bowie. 94 down in fort belvoir. leesburg you hold around 90. that is still not much of a bargain. zone forecast we have no showers or zones anywhere from the mountain and coast and all six zones are available on our website. sunshine and 84 in oakland. upper 80s for hagerstown. culpeper no problem making 93 tomorrow. low 90s in warrenton, manassas and right around 90 in leesburg. downtown looking at low 90s as well. go southern maryland low to mid 90s. not much wind tomorrow which is good if you're a boater. no advisory on the bay or tidal potomac. high temperatures in annapolis around 90. next seven days, we got hot all over the seven day. hot tomorrow 93. hot on friday. just an is
immigrants and served as maryland's secretary of state. >>> now to fredrick where right now firefighters are mopping up after a bear of a fire near downtown. check out this video courtesy off sky 9. you see the smoke filling the sky, flames shooting through the roof. this fire broke out around 7:00 at this commercial building near all saints street. a fire house is just around the corner so it only took a minute for the crews to get there. initially they attacked this blaze from inside the belly of the beast. >> once they were in there and inside attacking the fire for 10-15 minutes the fire was just too great and the heat was great and the fire was spreading faster than they could extinguish from the inside. >> hard to hear him but he said the fire was too great. the heat was too great so the crews had to pull back and fight the flames from the outside. at one point as many as 100 firefighters had to hit this fire. fortunately though, no serious injuries reported. no word yet on how it started though. >>> right now hurricane alex lashing the southern tip of texas and northeastern mexico
cleared up. >> reporter: from what i understand, maryland state police is on the scene and in the lead. at this point, they're waiting for tow trucks to clear the road of the vehicles involved in the collision. >> laura with the maryland state highway administration. thanks a lot for that report. >> reporter: thank you, bruce. >>> tonight, oil is being allowed to flow freely in the gulf of mexico. workers are in the middle of an operation to switch caps on top of that broken well. the old cap is off. in its place will go a tighter dome supposed to funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface. terrell brown reports the latest solution should take two days, if all goes well. >> reporter: the broken oil well at the bottom of the gulf is in free flow. the cap that was holding back some of the oil was removed saturday afternoon to clear the way for a new tighter-fitting seal. b.p. is also working to hookup a third containment ship to the well. the combination of a third ship and the new cap could contain the spill as early as monday. what b.p. so desperately wants and needs. >> we tak
the thunderstorms develop. quickly became severe over western maryland. now, as these storms started to move closer to us, we had some winds upwards of 3-5,000 feet. the winds rushed down to the ground, pushed this storm out. and as that storm pushes out, you get gusty winds that emanate from that and that was the wind gusts of 60-75 miles an hour and some little pockets of winds upwards of 80-90 miles an hour. now, with the tornadic situation possibly comes in is you push out the center of the storm and it becomes a bow echo. it looks like the bow from a bow and arrow. sometimes you can get some spinups and maybe that's where a weak tornado like structure happens. that did not happen here. >> all right, devon. >>> as tough as it is to lose your power for days, one group of residents may well be about to lose their homes because of the storm. their building was so badly damage, the owner is kicking everybody out permanently. brittany morehouse spoke with some of the tenants and joins us live. brittany. >> reporter: well, anita, the owner may be legally okay to do this, but the residents here they l
as he walked with his parents on a path at collide moore park. in college mark, maryland, a woman was killed when a tree came crashing down on a moving minivan. the storms left a path of downed trees and power lines. tonight, as many as 330,000 area residents are without electricity. joining us from pepco is bob haney. >> reporter: there was extensive damage done throughout montgomery county especially. right now, as you said, we were up above 300,000. it dipped a little bit below that. we had about right now about 50,000 people out in prince george's county, 215,000 or so out in montgomery county and close to 30,000 people in the district of columbia. what we're trying to do now is getting out and assessing the damage so we can start the restoration process. >> bob, a lot of people are saying when they call that number that you've given out, they're told that either they can't be told when the power was going to be restored or it may be days, if not longer. is that true? >> what happened was we cancelled all the etr. we're telling people any etr you got previously or by any means
have any info. >>> a total overreaction by the police. that is how a university of maryland student is describing what happened in college park. this was last march, the night of maryland's big basketball team victory over duke. students were celebrating by pouring out into the streets and prince george's county police showed up in riot gear. they arrested 28 students and brandon johnsson was one of them. an officer hit him in the face and knee and then threw the cuffs off. >> he came up on us antagonistically and they came looking for a riot when there wasn't one. when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. >> it was surreal. we were all in the car ride over there, we were all trying to figure out what is going on. why is this happening? why are we being arrested? just some conversation with the other students, we all came to the conclusion that none of us had done anything. and yet we were all sitting in there handcuffs in the back of a paddy wagon. >> 28 happy redskins fans were arrested after a redskins-cowboys game. i think everybody would be surprised. and we also ou
of a maryland complex. the air-conditioning is off in a number of units and others have been condemned because of utility problems. some residents fear the heat many affect their health. as scott broom reports, the residents are on their own for a solution. >> reporter: the pine wood place apartments. jim harley figures, this is a health-threatening situation. >> i'm 58 years old. i'm asthmatic. i worry about my asthma and i have high blood pressure, too. >> reporter: the problem is the aging a.c. unit with dripping pipes and exposed wiring, it simply blows hot air. he says apartment management has been unresponsive, and now the situation is serious. >> my a.c. has been broken almost all summer. >> reporter: everywhere i looked today around this complex, there were problems. i found at least four units condemned by county health officials thursday because of a water pipe burst, shutting down air-conditioning, residents said. they considered themselves the lucky ones, because the condemnation forced management to move them to other units. left behind? more air-conditioning units like this one i
threatening head injuries at the maryland shock treatment center. >>> storms through louisiana. a woman was driving when water rose quickly and covered her vehicle. >>> you can find out before you make a reservation. dc health officials are putting all restaurant health inspection notices online. restaurants can be searched by name, owner's name or zip code. health authorities conduct over 5000 inspections every year. >>> providence hospital celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend. the hospital in north east washington kicked off a celebration with community health and fitness day. free health screening and there was also a farmer's market to promote healthy food and to launch a 150-pound weight loss challenge for residents. >>> still ahead. a presidential vacation in the state of maine. we will take you there. >>> next, family and friends say good-bye to yankees boss george steinbrenner in a private affair. >>> a hot day up there in new york. laguardia 95. 98 yesterday. humidity levels much lower. so if you're still out and moving around why not spend some time on your own ter
: lavern glenn still has a picture of her dad. when george waters was found unconscious in his maryland apartment on march 26th, emergency medical workers made what to them what was an apparent call. >> he was laying on the floor for a couple of days and they assumed he was dead. >> reporter: but an hour and a half later a forensic technician saw him breathe. >> the rescue team went back down to the man's house and they said the man was alive. >> reporter: his daughter arrived. >> ems workers were very nasty and rude and they would not allow me to go inside of the ambulance with my dad so i could at least hold his hand or be able to talk to him. >> reporter: he died the next day. >> would he have lived, i would not have known. but i don't think that the ems workers determined whether my father lived or not. >> reporter: the workers who made the mistakes were retrained. >> there should have been something done. a suspension or something. i lost my father and they were only trained for two days. >> reporter: fire spokesmen mark brady says they have retrieved the best county has to offer.
are lower than the state-wide maryland average and says she doesn't have enough information. additional information could help provide more address. the community meeting is saturday at 4:00 at the morning side inn. anita. >> thank you, gary. >>> another controversial opinion about marriage in the commonwealth. and it's left some local married couples wondering if they're living in sin. we're live with andrea with explanation. >> reporter: well, anita, this is the legal opinion that sparked the controversy. a court clerk in prince williams county asked the attorney general about a couple with a virginia marriage license whose ceremony was performed by someone authorized in virginia. but they held their wedding in bethesda, maryland. well, the attorney general said marriages taking place outside of the state are not valid in the commonwealth. as the song goes, happy loving couples make it look so easy. but that may not be the case when it comes to marriage in virginia. >> so we're not married this week. that's good. >> i'm very surprised to hear that that is even an issue. it shocks me.
the wind was blowing away from area homes. it did shut down a major railway. >>> a maryland man was beaten, robbed, and carjacked after being lured to an apartment complex by a woman he met in a bar. police say the woman told the 28-year-old victim she'd forgotten her keys and needed to call a roommate. while the pair waited, two men approached and pistol whipped the victim. they took the man's money, jewelry, and cell phone before taling his car. >>> in tomorrow's washington examiner, the new operator of virginia railway express will be ready to take over the train service next week. that is a piece of welcomed news from riders of commuter trains that have faced a recent series of setbacks. >>> still ahead here on 9 news, if you're going take a cruise, you may as well go for the biggest ship out there. >>> and get ready for a hot 4th of july. the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off p
and arrested him. maryland law requires the consent of both parts to record private conversations. but now deputy attorney general robert mcdonald says a court would likely not see a traffic stop as a private conversation. >>> congress promising to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to making metro safer to ride. today lawmakers representing the dc area met with the national transportation safety board. they talked about the metro crash last year that killed nine people. the ntsb blamed the accident on equipment failure but also cited metro for paying only lip service to safety concerns. >> angry and sad. angry that greater attention had not been paid that could have saved lives. sad that it happened as a result of the failure to do what should have been done. >> lawmakers now promise to ante up $150 million a year to upgrade circuits and old rail cars. >>> police say the domestic violence was relentless and almost led to murder. tonight a woman that endured this abuse for years speaks as her attacker goes to jail. >>> plus -- >> he is wrong. the gentleman is wrong. the gentlem
by search crews from the sheriff's office and maryland national resources -- natural resources. police haven't released his name because they're trying to notify his relatives. he was in his 60's. they do not suspect foul play in his death. >>> still ahead tonight, b.p. crews try to install a new, tighter cap on that gushing oil leak. >>> a state trooper thinks he's following a drunk driver ends up in a high-speed chase with an armed robbery suspect. >>> did you enjoy this day? how could you not? blue skies, low humidity, light winds. absolutely gorgeous. i truly believe it will spill into the first part of your monday. wakeup weather as you get the kids off to day care, summer camp or prepare for your own full day's worth, it should be nice. you shouldn't have the weather to complain about. the seven day outlook comes up. 9 news now continues after this. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands! ♪ but we love eating totino's the most. we live for fun... ...friends... [ both ] ...and bes
weapons violations. he's a high school graduate with the degree from the university of maryland's university college. police call him it scholar of law enforcement procedure who altered his crimes to the extent an fbi profiler said those two mother daughter murders were not committed by the same person. >> but even smart criminals get caught and that appears to be the case here. police believe his list of crimes will grow as their investigation continues. they are for example, looking at the murder of a woman to see if he's responsible for that as well. >> thank you for that one and coming up later in our newscast, we will speak with a couple who may have come face to face with that accused serial killer. >>> an update to a deadly accident that shut down part of the beltway, just at the start of rush hour tonight. police say a 68 year old man died after crashing on the interloop of 495 just before the road exit at ox and hill. the car crossed the two far right lanes and shoulder and hit a guard rail and flipped over. officers say speed is a factor but alcohol is not. the drivers
tough for nearly 2 million people in maryland's two most populous counties but seems a leaking pike may not be fixed anytime soon. britany morehouse joining us live from the repair site with truly an inside look at the problem. brittni? >> that's right, anita. a really good inside look at the pipe. the 96-inch water main that still remains underground at this point. it is made with a mixture of cement and reinforcing wires. something that looks like this. wrapped around the cement and the tension of this coiled wire, well that's what gives the pipe its strength. so when there is damage it starts to grate. the wire breaks apart. all it wants to do is straighten out. that's not good for people in montgomery county. >> yes, it is, sir. how may i help you. >> reporter: last night the 311 call center operators answered water related questions. >> primarily just folks looking for information. >> reporter: today those calls are about violations. >> folks calling to report their neighbors. maybe a school. a business. an apartment complex. so what we have done with those is we captured that info
? we talked to an expert, a film professor at the university of maryland and he says, do you know what, this happens a lot actually starting with that legendary film the china syndrome. a 1979 film released just 12 days before the 3-mile island accident. >> the worst nuclear power plant accident of the atomic age. >> reporter: two decades later alley yis alias. >> they say 52 here in new york. >> reporter: now we have salt. >> and you are a russian spy. >> reporter: on the heels of a bona fide russian spy rant. isn't that interesting? >> the interesting thing is that it just is a coincidence. >> reporter: just chance siz film professor who teaches at gw and the university of maryland. >> and yet it's not really a spooky coincidence because this particular feeling and movie is a fairly consistent one. >> reporter: theme as in spy theme. but it's been a long time since russians were the villains in vogue. >> i'm sure there were people who were surprised in real life when this russian spy ring was uncovered saying like, well, we're not at war with russia. why are they spying on us. >> rep
in gaithersburg. low 830s southern maryland, and good news for the bay. not much wind, no advisories for the bay. okay, the next seven days, great tomorrow, upper 80s on saturday. perfectly fine day, not humid, and then the heat returns, mid- 90s on sunday. mid- to upper 90s on monday and tuesday. and mid-90s on wednesday and thursday. an isolated storm thrown in on sunday. i don't think it will be happen. better chance on monday and then the autism speaks 5k. that's on sunday. the race begins at 8:00. if you want to walk a 1k, you can do that at 8:05. >> or run the 5k. >> yeah, like topper. >> whatever. >> whatever. >> they are back home? >> it's much more fun when they win, i think, the fence didn't exactly blow the doors off the joint, but they did just enough for the offwalk victory. how the nats got the win. >>> the latest installment of the good, bad, and the ouch. i beg your pardon. we will be right back. the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar yo
with the mayor three weeks ago. >>> a company that owns a bankrupt horse racing track is now suing maryland's thoroughbred industry. >>> in bethesda today employees of dog topia scrubbed down dozens of dogs in the name of charity. annual dog watch was held to support canine military, police and service dogs. some of the dogs are serving overseas in iraq and afghanistan. alongside our military troops. money raised will supply bullet- proof vests and safety harnesses for the dogs as well as pets, toys and treats. good for them. >>> coming up on wusa 9 news this sunday night. we will take you to a place that specializes in finding solutions for people in poverty. >>> and another hot week ahead in the forecast. just ahead. stay with us. >>> thundering anywhere else? >> some places. >> we will get relief tomorrow. renewed chances. here we are on the 18th day of july and 12 of the days have already topped out above 90 degrees. so the trend continues. more heat and humid the only relief in sight is an isolated shower or thunderstorm. brief heavy rainfall. let's start off with the next three days t
% in this shaded area down towards charlottesville. 10 to 15%. shaded all the way up into north eastern maryland. so it is not common but it is not out of the question. i will come back with your wakeup weather in just a bit. >>> late breaking news out of dc tonight. right now police are looking at the scene of an accident that sent two teenagers . officers say the teenager's car crashed into three other vehicles. >> update flow on that massive shooting in southeast dc. prosecutors have submitted a significant number of items for dna testing in the killings. jeffrey best and robert grouse are accused of gung down two people back on march 30th. orlando carter drove the van the night. murders. all four men are now charged in one of the cities deadliest shootings. >>> tonight engineers are struggling to make sense of the puzzling pressure reading from the bottom of the gulf of mexico. they are trying to determine whether or not b.p.'s capped oil well is holding tight or perhaps in danger of springing a brand-new leak. now no leaks have actually been spotted but the government's points man on the cr
shower going off in charles county and then as we go over to southern maryland those are pushing down to the south and southeast. let's go to the next three days. take a look at this. 87. beautiful. 86 and even better on saturday. then we get a little bit more humidity on sunday and maybe some rain showers here and there. evening forecast we have the thunderstorms, the last of them. we went down through the 80s overnight here tonight. this is where we start to cool off. dry out. temperatures down into the 60s in many cases northwest to west. 72 downtown for a low. then we're back up through the 70s and then we'll end up in the mid to upper 80s. a little warm. it's right where we should be this time of the year but it's definitely a lot dryer than it's been. we'll show you that. 81 baltimore. 73 at hagerstown. there is the cooler air coming in. dew points, when the dew points are upwards of 70 to 75, it is really disgustingly humid. we get a good look at the dryer air that is now starting to spill in. high dew points, high humidity still from washington south. but look at the 50-degree
down to southern maryland. you look at this and think is it going to be cool in fredericksburg. no. you're out of the advisory. it's going to be hot everywhere. i'm not so sure we're going to make the advisory criteria which calls for a heat index. 105-109 but i think it's going to be between 105 and that is plenty hot as well. so remember the pets and turn the thermostat up a little bit. tomorrow morning portly cloudy. hot i -- partly cloudy. hot by lunch time. air quality forecast code orange. that is unhealthy air. what does that mean, unhealthy for kids, older adults and those with respiratory problems. you should stay in doors. the rest of us can fuel our car after dust and don't cut the grass. it ain't growing anyway. highs 95-100. winds out of the southwest at ten. now, next seven days, 98 tomorrow. just isolated storms. 102 apparently fits in the cylinder. record highs on saturday. isolated storms. better chance for storms on sunday. we're still 97. but the cold front lowers temps a little bit down to 91. it's a moral victory. 90 on tuesday. 91 on wednesday. and then we sneak ba
's unconstitutional and anti-immigrant. >>> back here in maryland if losing power wasn't uncomfortable enough, try losing water at the same time. and that is what happened to one neighborhood when sunday's storm hit. an eight-inch water main on the parkway broke and crews had to shut off service to make repairs. for two days, families couldn't turn on their ac or their faucets. but this afternoon, it was like christmas morning when the electricity finally came back. >> yes. it's actually coming up. >> yes. >> oh, we got air. [ laughing ] >> are you going to stay? >> i think probably i will then. because i can -- you know, who needs water. [ laughing ]. it was a combination. >> right. >> a spokesperson says the water main that broke was nearly 60 years old and probably wore out and cracked. >>> in dc, work crews are conducting their final test on a water valve right now after it flooded parts of florida avenue between 16th and 18th street northwest. dc water says customers water supply should be restored within the hour. the malfunction sent water gushing into the streets and even flooded some buil
's quiet but south of waldorf and southern maryland a little bit of thunderstorm activity. we'll put this into motion, where is it going to go in the next hour, generally moving south and east. it's going to move across st. mary's city and across the bay with heavy rain. let's go back to the computer. tomorrow partly sunny and very warm. 70s and 80s. winds turn northwest at ten. they don't last very long, though. in fact, by afternoon, partly sunny and hot. showers and maybe a thunderstorm. highs again around 90. winds turn west southwest at about ten. the refreshing wind does not last all that long. high temps then, the clouds will keep temperatures down a little bit. otherwise we o would probably be -- would probably be in the mid 90s tomorrow. so 90 in gaithersburg. a moral victory in annapolis. 89. it's going to make it sound cooler. 91 in manassas. the nine future cast we'll stop this in the morning. clouds to the north. but i think we'll be in pretty good shape for the morning commute. i don't think we'll see any rain showers. maybe a bit of residual fog. some thunderstorms sta
of maryland. >>> heat advisory in effect. be careful tomorrow. that is 9news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. goodnight. ç:
of waldorf in northern charles county. cal berth county and st. mary's and charles county in maryland are now included with the flood watch. we'll come back. we're not done with round three just yet. we'll track it for you live in a bit. >>> topper, police have issued an arrest warrant for a driver that assaulted a passenger. the driver assaulted her last thursday after picking her up at an adult day-care center. the driver works for the re genesee cap company, a -- regency cap company. tonight we spoke with the manager from regency cap. >> he looks like good person. he have a family with two kids. all of us were shocked because he worked very hard. he have a good record. he have no complaint. >> 9news now has already been told the driver passed a background check and he has no criminal history. >>> in the meantime, dc police are investigating how a leaf lett ended up on employee list on the crash unit on their desks. the leaflet show a photo of two men with the title, and we quote, "celebrating first deaf mute gay marriage". it goes on to how the men will engage in naked sweaty man love. the
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